About us

Our Background

AITAD was founded in late fall 2018 in the Technology Park Offenburg. Our core competencies are in the area of embedded systems and AI. In consequence, we deal with the development and testing of AI electronic systems – especially in combination with machine learning in automotive and industrial contexts. We focus on future-oriented disruptive, innovative adaptations with the greatest possible impact on your structures and product strategies.

The Team of AITAD has an extensive project and consulting history in industrial SMEs, trade associations as well as global research initiatives, technology developments and projects. Moreover, we are constantly expanding our partnerships with large technology companies and semiconductor manufacturers.

In addition to our office area, the center of Offenburg is also home to our modern development laboratory with automotive simulation systems and automated small series production including series testing. Just one year after moving in, we were able to add another floor to our office space. With enthusiasm for our vision, our team continues to grow and will soon break the mark of 30 employees, so we have expanded by another floor.

To realize our vision of making a major contribution to technology transformation, we are, among other things, strengthening our academic research in embedded AI to microsystems technology and plan to establish a five-person development site in the Lisbon technology cluster, as well as building our higher-volume supply chain.

Agility realized in the structure

From the very beginning, our objective was to think big and bold. We wanted to make a significant contribution to a symbiotic use of technology and advance industrial digitalization in a disruptive manner. We are informed by a flexible, long-term and goal-oriented way of thinking and acting as well as by our European location. We live out our values in everyday life by means of numerous structural and creative freedoms.

Cooperation with university research groups, trade associations, politics as well as strategic commercial partners makes us a well-known and well-connected player so that we always have our finger on the pulse and can participate in shaping the future.


With our unique local small-series production and our simulation and test systems, we can present our customers in next to no time with validated solutions that work in the field and on the required hardware. Within a single day, we can develop, produce and test an idea in e.g. simulated Siberian cold or under the influence of electromagnetic interferences (EMC pretest). The typical budget and resource limitations of low-level systems are more of a welcome challenge and a driving force for us.

We only ever consider the deployment of a technology when it is opportune. Technology in itself does not necessarily provide advantages for a customer project but only in specific cases.


Technological added value
in two business areas

Our two business areas are based on our core competencies of AI and embedded systems. The AI systems running locally on system components (circuit boards) are critical for industrial products as well as for automated vehicles.