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Our technological
Embedded AI
in industry
Hybrid systems
for autonomous driving
Unternehmenskultur bei AITAD

We think in terms of
overall solutions!

We accompany you from the evaluation of your options to the delivery of components for well-fitting overall solutions.

Digitalization projects often fail due to a lack of understanding of integration and a lack of resources. In particular the special market for AI and embedded systems presents difficulties for companies. We at AITAD take a holistic approach.

Our expertise extends to frequent secondary issues such as communication, process integration and business model variations.

Industrie-KI in Europa

Industry-level AI in Europe – we can do this!

With AITAD, you will remain a global player.

In order to remain competitive, middle-sized European companies must actively embrace digitalization. AITAD deals with the development and integration of critical AI technologies for your products and production processes. Through image, voice and motion detection as well as predictive maintenance, we offer you new degrees of freedom.

Our systems run on-site – without data protection concerns, with low latency and complying with the highest security standards.

Our strengths

Our long-term vision:
a leading role among mid-size companies
Value creation
instead of an end in itself
Disruptive thinking
for our future
Our drive:
human-machine symbiosis
Strong connections - to (semiconductor) manufacturers or applicative service providers
Thinking in overall concepts
with long-term consequences
Industrielle KI-Anwendungen

Industrial AI application – value creation instead of an end in itself

We critically evaluate their deployment based on their individual benefits and define measurable target functions.

AI tools do not necessarily provide improvements in each and every application. As a holistic partner, we always see the big picture and even consider psychological factors when integrating these tools with your value creation processes.

KI beim autonomen Fahren

Swerve or hit? –
AI in autonomous driving

We develop innovative system standards to enable a symbiotic relationship between humans and machines.

Autonomous driving is associated with safety, mobility and sustainability. Together with leading partners in the industry, we explore advanced systems for autonomous vehicles. The focus is on implementing highly regarded social values within the technological possibilities.

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