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Perfection needs time…

Due to our will to make this page distinctive, we want to kindly apologize for your patience. We need that time to ensure the same high quality as our products represent.

Briefly about us


Founded in 2018, our company is developing and testing applications based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially machine learning in industrial environments.


Let’s turn AI into a blessing

Our main technology is founded on a patent filing and should ensure the security of AI-systems in an ethical and legal sense through artificial neuronal networks. Especially in autonomous vehicles our technology can be an added value of safety and consequently marketability. Owing to our experience and our global contacts, we are very successful in that field. Now we are working on pending collaboration with (state-sponsored) research groups in that area.


New opportunities for the industry

Through our experience in AI and a lot of interest on behalf of important companies, we are also specialising on embedding machine learning in production processes or systems. This way we can reduce time and costs in production and improve the products of our customers with new functions.

On the way to our goal we will be encouraged by ministries, our city or big local and global tech companies. To all those we are always thankful.

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